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  • We are a professional private label pajamas manufacturer and supplier

    Fashionable pajamas brands can also become trendsetters. If you are a pajamas brand, then style positioning is very important. We, the pajamas manufacturer, do all the manufacturing in-house, and we can provide various processes Or accessories for brands to choose, such as the use of customized patterns, functional fabrics and specific colors. You can also choose some of our existing design products, or let us design some products specifically for you according to your style.

  • We provide a series of services for private label pajamas

    Our pajamas manufacturer can provide various clothing accessories and label options. We can customize wash labels, hang cards, plastic bags, etc. There are also some labels that are directly printed on the inside of the clothes, and of course there is another label. It is a textile label. These can be based on your requirements. You can email or call us, and we will provide you with a satisfied solution according to your needs.

  • Why choose us (Fengcai wholesale pajamas manufacturer)?

    1. We will negotiate with you first, make samples first, and then produce. And after all the details are confirmed, samples will be manufactured.

    2.We start producing after confirming all the details, and we will often use photos, videos, or online videos to let you know about the production process of pajamas.

    3. We have a very professional sales team, which works almost around the clock to complete your orders faster.

    4. We provide all the accessories of pajamas, such as: private label, card, fabric, color, pattern, etc., which can be customized according to your requirements.

    5. We provide OEM&ODM services, and we will launch new products every quarter for brands to choose.

    6. Our minimum order quantity is 200 pieces, and if you have a series of orders, maybe the quantity can be less. If you want more details, please contact us, we will give you a satisfied solution according to your actual situation

  • Private label pajamas

    Private label pajamas is a fashion business that has emerged in recent years. If you want to create your own brand, keep up with fashion trends, and find a matching manufacturer, it’s not easy, right?

    Yes, if you create a brand, the ultimate goal is to sell to C-end customers, and increase their stickiness, in order to have a better repurchase, and advertise the brand definition. We, the manufacturer of pajamas, not only can be customized according to the design you provide, and we will collect various popular elements to design new styles for you to choose, or we design pajamas according to your style for you to choose

    Maybe you will have concerns about whether the styles we designed will meet your requirements. Don't worry ,we have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Our design team has 10 years of design experience. Every year we collect all kinds of trend elements, from style to fabric, we can follow the trend.our designers will design professional private brand sportswear series according to the style you define and according to the characteristics of fitness clothes, so as to attract fitness enthusiasts.

  • We have a large catalog of private label pajamas

    The creators of private label may not be able to quickly understand us the manufacturers, but we will provide you with a catalog, so that you can pay attention to us, and you can also see whether there are new elements in our new products every season.

  • You can provide your own design

    Customized personal label pajamas, you can provide us with your design, we mass-produce fitness clothes according to your requirements, or you can provide your design inspiration, our designers provide fabrics and accessories according to your style You choose, of course, what we provide to you is very professional and fashionable.

    Different from other private brand pajamas manufacturers, we have very in-depth research on this pajamas industry, and we will provide you with very fashionable and high-quality designs for your approval. Once approved, our pajamas manufacturer will first Make the sample and send it to you. After you receive the samples, order the quantity in batches.

  • Make the brand more effective

    Without a good brand effect, any work is wasted. This means that the market does not recognize your brand. The success of private label pajamas also depends on this. We will manufacture high-quality pajamas to ensure that your customers get what they expect.

    We can not only cooperate with you in terms of quality, but also in terms of fashion design. The popular elements are different every year. Without a keen eye, it will be difficult to understand why private label brands always require pajamas manufacturers to provide fabric options. We can more easily cooperate with you from the perspective of your customers.

Let us help you build a private fitness wear brand together

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