Embroidery is a technique that a needle is used to lead a thread on the processed fabric and puncture it according to the design requirements, then the embroidery thread is woven into various patterns and colors by moving the needle.

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Applique embroidered

Cut the applique cloth as required and stick it on the garment surface. Fill cotton between the applique cloth and the garment surface to make the pattern have a three-dimensional appearance. After it is pasted, use various stitches to lock the edges.

Advantages: good sense of administrative levels, concave and convex.Disadvantages: high cost, suitable for small area decoration.


Towel embroidery

Definition: It belongs to three-dimensional embroidery, and the finished product is very similar to towel fabric, so it is called towel embroidery.

Advantages: Has strong three-dimensional feeling, comfortable handle, and excellent air permeability.Disadvantages: It is easier hooked.


Openwork embroidery

Definition: also known as hollow embroidery, which means that in the embroidery process, holes are trimmed according to the pattern, and multiple patterns are embroidered in different ways in the cut holes. Or after embroidering the outline of the pattern, hollow out the outline and cut off the cloth with scissors, just like carving.

Advantages:Openwork embroidery has the characteristics of transparency, strong sense of layering, and superior qualityDisadvantages: easy to snag


Couching stitch embroidery

Definition: It is an embroidery method that embroiders various ribbons and cords on clothing or textiles according to the required patterns. (The difference between Couching stitch embroidery and Raised embroidery: Raised embroidery looks very three-dimensional, while Couching stitch embroidery is generally flat

Advantages: The embroidery method is simple and has a long history.The decoration style is elegant and generous. In recent years, it has been widely used in kimono.


Sequin embroidery

Definition: Sequins of various materials are nailed to clothing manually or by machine. Strong three-dimensionality, stunning visuals, and some of the dull ones are generally used for unique shapes

Advantages: elegant decoration, glittering and gorgeous, belonging to relatively high-end craft embroidery.Disadvantages: Once the wire is broken, it will cause the sequins to fall off in a large area.

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