Endow home furnishings with warm and loving characteristics, pursuit of h igh-quality life, 20 years of design experience Deeply understand the essence of home wear, create more personalized, profes sional and distinctive brand effects.
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We have a professional team of first-line designers and senior pattern-making teams

Our designers, patternmakers, trimming divisions, and craftsmen have nearly 20 years of experience in brand pattern-making.

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Members of the plate making team:

For the needs of different customers, we will help customers design proposals accordingly, or we have good ideas/themes, recommend them to customers, and will regularly update related products according to the festival every year to adapt to the sales of customers in different seasons .


If your brand has its own designer, then you only need to concentrate on the design, and what we have to do is to implement the design. Our professional team will communicate with the designer based on years of exper ience, which can be beautified and which It can be scientific and realize the seamless connection between de sign and plate making.


If you only have your own design ideas, or you are an Internet celebrity expert, then you can give us your d esign ideas or the characteristics of your customer groups. We recommend suitable ones according to your desi gn ideas or your customer groups The style positioning and design of the company will be presented to you, as large as the selection of fabrics, accessories, size, and as small as a logo, we will first go through our sc reening and recommend it to you, and will be cooperated by a senior versionist and craftsman Realize your des ign ideas, check every level, and ensure the production concept of high-quality goods.


If you have your own brand and your own designer, but you don’t mind that we provide design styles for you to choose, then you can also give us your design concept and style, as well as the characteristics of your custom er groups. , We can make a special design according to your style for you to choose.

Our process selection:

In terms of craftsmanship, we support various LOGO crafts, such as: heat transfer, silk screen printing, pull printing, silicon e, embroidery, laser, digital printing, etc., as well as some o f the latest crafts, such as tie-dyeing, making sportswear even better Fashion also enhances the fashion of your brand.

Our fabric selection:

The selection of our fabrics is based on skin-friendly, comfortable and other functions. The composition of the fabric generally includes polyester and spandex, nylon and spandex. In terms of feel, there are fabrics such as cotton, very tight-fitting fabrics, and some high-stretch fabrics.